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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospitality Administration »

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Georgia State University

Regynald G. Washington Master of Global Hospitality Management »

The Regynald G. Washington Master of Global Hospitality Management connects students with hospitality leaders around the world to discuss current industry issues and future trends. Graduates will learn practical skills for doing business in various hospitality segments across the globe.

Undergrad Minor in Hospitality Administration »

A minor provides a specialized focus in a leading industry – hospitality and tourism.

Certificate in Hospitality Administration »

A Certificate in Hospitality Administration provides an industry specialization linked to one of the largest private sector employers in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States and the world.

Study Abroad in Hospitality Administration »

The Cecil B. Day School of Hospitality Administration is committed to providing its students with a foundation to successfully conduct business in a global hospitality environment. Students interested in international hospitality learning experiences have the opportunity to attend our annual Maymester European Hospitality Experience, a program featuring world-class hotels, restaurants, resorts, convention centers, casinos and wineries throughout Europe.