HADM 4900/Field Experience Requirement

HADM 4900: Hospitality Field Experience

The School of Hospitality Administration prides itself in producing graduates who are prepared for the industry. We require all students to accrue hospitality field experience prior to graduation. Positions pursued as part of HADM 4900 can be part-time or full-time and can involve more than one position.

Students are advised to gain hospitality field experience in the industry segment that they plan to work in after graduation. For example, if you are planning to be an event manager after graduation, do not work throughout school exclusively as a restaurant server.

Frequently Asked Questions

HADM 4900 requires 400 "units" of hospitality field experience. If you are a manager or supervisor, you will receive more credit for hours worked involving one credit for every hour worked. Therefore, you would need to work 400 hours. You also can earn one credit per hour for a structured internship program. Structured internship programs typically provide students with the opportunity to work in more than one position and/or department. The employer also supplements the work experience with professional development opportunities.

Position description: Unit credit for each hour worked: Equates to this number of hours worked:
Hourly position with no supervisory duties .7 units for each hour worked 572 hours
Hourly position with limited supervisory duties such as training .8 units for each hour worked 500 hours
Hourly position with several supervisory duties such as training, scheduling, ordering .9 units for each hour worked 445 hours
Full supervisor or manager 1.0 units for each hour 400 hours

Disney World offers a structured internship program. Although a student typically stays in the same position throughout the time, there are weekly educational programs provided. ARAMARK at Turner Field offers a summer program where students do rotations and are included in training sessions, managers'€™ meetings, etc. The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) offers a shorter program that involves working during the IWF event in Atlanta. There are numerous other internships, but these three provide an example of how "€œinternship" programs can vary.
That work may count — depending on when and what type of position was involved. If a student has worked in a supervisory or management-level position prior to coming to school, 50% of those work hours can count toward the field experience requirement if the position was held within the last three years.

We want graduates to have marketable and impressive resumes. If an individual has not worked in the industry for the last three to five years, more recent work experience is vitally needed.

If you need to know if prior field experience will count, e-mail Dr. Cannon and provide the position(s) held, dates, hours worked, and job descriptions or a break-down of job duties.

The field experience portfolio has three main components -

  1. An analysis of your hospitality field experience
  2. An evaluation from at least a current or recent supervisor or manager (which is mailed directly to Dr. Cannon)
  3. Proof of your hours worked, through a year-end paycheck stub (if hours are included) or a letter from the HR department or top management indicating the hours worked

The field experience portfolio can be a valuable tool as you are in the job search process. Employers are increasingly requesting that applicants provide work portfolios.